Hey Everyone, 
We just wanted to address the current situation.
Our brick & mortar is not open regular hours as we are doing our part to 'flatten the curve'.
As small businesses we are freaking out a bit but trying to stay positive. We hope that if you do shop online in the next while, that you choose to shop small. It not only helps us small businesses hang on during these difficult times, it lifts our spirits!
In the meantime, we are regrouping & brainstorming. We're updating the Haute Wheels site, posting as much product to our social media platforms - from both This & That, as well as our neighbour Sartorial Boutique.
We will be offering free local 'door drop' deliveries. If you see something you like and it's not online, just reach out. We will also be offering free returns.
In the next coming days we are putting some gift packages together, should you have a birthday or celebration to acknowledge or just want to uplift someone. 
Payments can be arranged via phone, we will collect info & drop off the next day.
These are some strange times, a little love goes a long way.
Thank you for your continued support XO
Niki & Tashe